Machete Music Tour
By Jessica Moctezuma – Latino Life
On November 5, Reggaeton artists dominated the stage at the Warfield in San Francisco. Artists included Jking and Maxima, Ricky Rick, Jowell and Randy, Cosculluela, Tego Calderon, Ivy Queen, Flex, Chino y Nacho, and Angel y Khriz, who performed their hit songs to stir up the crowd.

This was my first time at the Warfield and fans were unpredictable. Fans blocked the section assigned for the press. Security had to flash their lights to advise the crowd that the members of the press were entitled to enter and after being pushed into the crowd, security had to escort the press throughout the concert. Once the commotion settled, fans became overwhelmed with the artists’ performance.
Ivy Queen excited the crowd with her songs “Que Lloren,” and “Dime.” As her fans asked for more she would pause and start another. She dominated the crowd during her performance. Her energetic body movements had everyone dancing to her music. She expressed her devotion to her fans and bumped up the crowd. Ivy Queen was followed by Chino and Nacho.
“I like the way Giants’ player Sandoval took the Stage with Chino y Nacho. We are Giant fans and that is something I got on video to show my kids back home,” said Nancy Gonzales and Roberto Ortiz when asked about their most memorable artist moment.
Chino y Nacho started with their song “Nina Bonita,” that had mostly the women screaming. Special guest Pablo Sandoval from the San Francisco Giants entered the stage dancing along with Chino y Nacho. The crowd screamed and cell phones were lifted high to capture the moment.
The last performance of the night were artists Angel y Khriz. Their backup dancers had black masks and black outfits. The fog mist would burst out of the stage pipes and ended with a creative routine.
Outside, people still excited, discussed the highlights of the concert.




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